Why are your hands wet?

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

As I was chomping away at building this site, I was approached by my daughter

Penelope : Daddy Wash hands DADDY WASH HANDS

Daddy: why, erm , how did you get your hands wet ( quickly scanning the room for answers as it wasn't milk

Penelope : Egg

I then noticed the 2 broken egg shells lying on the floor. My darling daughter had decided to paint the T.V table with egg, which had now dripped on the amp and proceeded to make

a nice messy puddle on the floor.

Daddy : Ok lets wash hands ( proceeds to bathroom and opens tap)

Penelope : no no no sink and heads to the kitchen

Daddy : OK and returns to the bathroom to shut the tap and back to kitchen

Result - 15 minute break to clean floor and area - No egg fried rice for dinner tonight !!!

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